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“Sustainability” – the word spoken in recent times

In recent years, certainly one of the most spoken words, written, dissertadas and commented it was “sustainability”. Often, it is expressed in the form of “sustainable development”. In both cases, starring for some time numerous environments, from elementary school classrooms through homework, school projects, articles, dissertations, theses, occupying almost the centrality of a dozen courses, […]

Until the communication is necessary to prevent pollution and waste

It is curious to observe how people are going to be evolving and changing behavior. There is a growing concern with the recycling of products and reducing the volume of garbage. The gestures in that direction are many and can be found not only in domestic habits change, as well as in the work and […]

Conscientious consumption: where to start

Would be unlikely to find anyone opposed to the preservation of the environment. In General, all agree on the need to use more rationally the natural resources, generate less trash and pollute less air and water. Everyone wants a clean and healthy planet. But, if that is the will of all, or at least the […]

10 steps to deploy the selective collection in the condominium

When it comes to garbage and selective collection, today you see everything. There are condos that are already advanced in this matter. Where awareness is greater, there are colorful trash cans, with the identification of the type of garbage that should be played in each, warnings informing everybody about the collection system in the building […]