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A new design for a new man

Facing the increasing improvement of the technology and the volume of trash generated by it, society begins to rethink their values and current living standards in relation to disposal. There is a new look at everyday objects such as plastic bags, PET bottle, wood, paper, glass, aluminum. Until very recently, were considered junk, without any […]

Composting reduces the garbage and return gain for nature

The most innovative aspect of the Brazilian solid waste Policy is the understanding that the responsibility for the trash should be shared, that is, all have a duty to fulfill in environmentally suitable disposal of the waste it produces. On the other hand, there is an ongoing process of awareness of the population, that we […]

Arrange the garbage is an act of love

It is common to hear the term "garbage is wealth". Every day, this statement is confirmed more and more. Today, we know that much of what is thrown away, be salvaged, processed or recycled. Even the leftovers are fine, as they can be processed and become compost. To better understand how things happen around the […]

Garbage blog launches sustainable products showcase

Gaia showcase of sustainable products exposes creations of artists, craftsmen and designers made with recycled materials and/or recycled. Are decorative and utilitarian pieces, works of art, corporate gifts, many of them developed in learning workshops that receive low-income individuals and the labour market profissionalizam. The products are selected on the main criterion the fact of being ecologically sustainable and/or social.