A story of a happy ending in the disposal of cooking oil – Deniel Mathur

19 de May de 2015, por em Articles, Consumption

Despite being biodegradable, cooking oil is composed of substances insoluble in water. And not simply slips away pressure from faucet or toilet discharge. On the contrary, in contact with water and other waste will form a grease, which gives rise to fat boards boards, responsible for the clogging of domestic pipes and the public network.

To enter the pipes, cooking oil clogs the sewage processing and its passage in the nets, besides affecting the operation of treatment plants.

If it is thrown in the water courses, don't know which is worse. The chemical properties of the oil gas exchange and oxygen, causing the death of living beings which are essential to the rivers. To get an idea of the extent of the damage, according to the environmentalists the oil demand more oxygen to break down than the raw sewage.

Consumer is responsible-package the cooking oil used in a proper manner is, ultimately, a matter of environmental safety. The used oil must be stored in PET bottle and forwarded to the voluntary surrender, usually held by the initiative of social institutions, not linked to the Government.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most Brazilian municipalities-and even big cities – has no instruments able to help the citizen in this task of environmentally appropriate disposal of waste.

Joined by a noble cause-not really, the concern of some people is less. In Crixás, Northern region of Goiás, an experiment with the environmentally appropriate disposal used cooking oil has joined a company, mineradora Serra Grande, and the local community in an innovative project: create a SOAP factory to give order to the oil that had to be dropped.

At first, the raw material was coming only from the company's restaurant, and the SOAP was done by a small group of women. Over time, residents have joined the campaign and were to donate used oil to the SOAP factory.

With the support of the company, and administrated by the workers themselves, the project grew. The manufacturing technique has been improved and today the SOAP market in the region WINS ecological said. In Crixás, all are proud to be United by one cause for the common good and boast about the quality of the SOAP they produce.