Arrange the garbage is an act of love

27 de October de 2016, por em Articles, Trash

It is common to hear the term "garbage is wealth". Every day, this statement is confirmed more and more. Today, we know that much of what is thrown away, be salvaged, processed or recycled. Even the leftovers are fine, as they can be processed and become compost.

To better understand how things happen around the trash, it is necessary to distinguish organic from inorganic garbage. The first, also called "wet garbage", consists of residues of vegetable or animal origin (food in General). Is the garbage that raises a stink, bacteria and fungi, attracts insects.

But, if properly processed, organic waste can be turned into natural fertilizer, of great quality; many farmers make use of this feature. In the case of residence, there are the composters, that fit neatly under the sink and don't exude stench in the environment. They are found on the market in various models, sizes and prices.

The inorganic waste, also identified as "dry garbage", refers to materials produced by man, such as plastics, metals, aluminium and glass. Modern society produces a staggering volume of this kind of garbage, by two factors: the excessive consumption and disposable culture, in that the products become obsolete quickly. However, much of the waste found in dumpsters are capable of recycling or reuse.

When disposed of improperly, inorganic trash brings harm to the entire population and the planet. In addition, the waste materials that characterize this type of trash takes years to decompose naturally. In the case of plastic packaging, which can reach up to 500 years, and glass, whose time is indeterminate, and can take thousands of years to decompose. Electronic materials, such as batteries, offer danger if discarded randomly.

Prolongs service life of garbage separation-these reasons, make the trash is so important. The number one rule is to separate trash according to its characteristics, if wet, dry, long life or even that can be recycled.

There is also a social issue arising out of the organization. Is the fact that she set off the process that allows the inclusion of collectors of recyclable materials. The trash is still the only source of income for many families. Separate it properly is a way to help the pickers at work.

On the other hand, it must be considered that the performance of collector is essential to the success of environmentally adequate solid waste disposal. Through their work, many materials that would have landfills as destination are reused or sold, and many return to the productive chain as raw material in the manufacture of new products.


Basic rules:

  1. Separate the organic waste (wet), inorganic (dry).
  2. Bag the trash so that it is easy to spot it in the wet and the dry.
  3. Separate the glass from the others; Join newspapers, cardboard and packaging.
  4. Folding containers to save space and garbage bags in the bins.
  5. The materials can be reused or even recycled should be empty and clean. It is important to remember that there on the end of the production chain is a person, the maker.


Rosemary Matthews
Journalist, editor of the Blog of Garbage