Carnival and the waste of humanity

20 de February de 2013, por em Articles

Talking about people talking about everything. People requires the most different reflections, the shallow deep soul everyday. So, seeking to open the look over the things that happen, I want to address the garbage in their various contexts, including with regard to human relationships, the behavior of people and how they react to the facts. We live the aftermath of Carnival, I have chosen to comment on a news story that caught my attention.

The Ministry of Justice celebrates the 18% reduction in the number of deaths in the period of Carnival, according to balance sheet released Thursday (14). In fact, there's nothing to celebrate, analyzing the statistic in isolation. On the other hand, were 157 lives lost, 1,932 drivers with a learner's permit and seized 600 prison drivers who were caught driving drunk. Celebrate?

These scary numbers, and. Although there has been effective reduction, to celebrate, we're leveling under the gravity of a particular situation. Beats, very strong, a sense of disbelief, to realize that despite the rigour of the law, which increased the penalty of $ 957,70 for R$ 1,915 .40, (applied to the driver caught drunk, increased the risk of account for crime of traffic) the human being remains in defiance of the laws, the danger, not only putting his life at risk, but what's even worse the other people. Celebrate?

When looking at the data resulting from the Carnival, it seems that life, unfortunately, continues to be treated as disposable, raw material and we, human beings, active in the process, the input that produces the dregs of humanity.