Communication and social responsibility

27 de December de 2012, por em Articles, Communication

There are many evidence that development indicators are being rethought in order to consider the well-being of people and the sustainability of the planet. With the expansion of access to the media and the agility in exchanging experiences and news, the society won geographical barriers and went on to have a look at more comprehensive development, following closely different cultures and markets.

The need for a shared responsibility on issues of sustainable development underscores the importance of the citizen, considering that the human being is the principal agent of all initiatives, whether they are governmental, institutional, business or individual. This awareness creates a citizen social responsibility environment capable of stimulating individuals and institutions, from different sources, around subjects that interest to the common good.

Social responsibility is a set of values for the decisions and actions of everyday life, and may be addressed in individual, collective and corporate pillars. Corporate social responsibility is an example that gets more and more consumer and market stimuli to strengthen its activities, whereas companies possess a power of articulation and a capacity to generate resources that strengthen the opportunities for complementary action with organised civil society and with Governments. This ' intersectoral ' dialogue contributes to structural form for sustainable development and stresses the importance of all sectors in the articulation of the results.

Strategic communication is the platform for intersectoral dialogue, with the structure and information media challenge that foster the relationship between the parties concerned and to target the critical thinking to a more committed to social aspects, environmental, economic and cultural development. Adopt the path of social responsibility is to go beyond speech and invest in dialogue, optimizing resources and seeking common interest, sense of trust and reciprocity.

By Graciana Rizério _ strategic communication consultant and preparation of environmental