Human right to a balanced environment

5 de November de 2015, por em Articles, Sustainability

Since the investiture for sustainable economic development, aligned with human rights guidelines, leveraged at the beginning of the Decade of 70, with the Stockholm Declaration on the human environment, there is a strong awareness of that man, being creature and creator of the environment, must relate to the nature of responsible and balanced way.

However, our thoughts should not be based only on the duty of care with living beings or the exploitation of natural resources, ethics but also the proper way to preserve dignity the human species, with the trailer to the development opportunity for growth and progress to the well-being of all. In this way, the human being must be the final recipient of the advantages and benefits achieved by such measures to counter the imbalance of the planet.

Human Rights – Are the basic rights that cannot be denied, that are intended for all, regardless of any differentiation, as the color, age, gender, religion, political view, nationality or social status. Are the rights to freedom, equality, property, education, health, food, assistance to destitute, protection against arbitrariness and exploitation, among others. But how to ensure the effectiveness of such rights without an environment suited to your enjoy?

The right to life as the main straight. It derives the right to food and to health-provided for in article 6 of the Federal Constitution, which are linked to the permissiveness of life. It is not enough that the State promote actions and policies aimed at establishing equality or freedom, or even the right to property, without first allowing the individual can survive. Accordingly, the rights to health and food should be elevated to a higher level in relation to other rights, because, not being effective, inexistirá the recipient of other warranties: the human being.

Life on Earth – however, no fundamental right will be ensured in an environment out of balance, like what we're seeing now in relation to the climate and to the depletion of vital natural resources such as water.

A balanced environment with sustainable economic actions, ethics and responsible exploitation of nature, is crucial to the survival of the human species, as well as promote the development of peoples. Unfortunately, the supremacy of the private interest over the welfare of all does not permit the realization of these rights. The State, hostage to economic power, has no power, alone, to resolve such issues, because, at the mercy of the market game, refuses to fulfill its political and social obligation. It takes people to unite and raise your voice in defense of the health of the planet.

People, unite! – Yes, we need practical and innovative actions that seek to ensure better living conditions for all human beings, globally, not only for those human borders delimited.

The story comforts us with lucid thoughts about the care we should have with nature, directly related to the well-being of men and their survival. The guarantee of a human right to a balanced environment does not depend solely on the State, depends on each of us. It is through our actions, our positioning, the power to influence and transform that we, together, looking out for the greater good we have.

Fabrício Lopes Paula
Lawyer, master in Human Rights at the University of Minho, Portugal, professor and founding member of the Instituto Amiko, headquartered in Belo Horizonte-MG