Sustainability: a word in check

20 de September de 2013, por em Articles

Sustainability is a condition, a State of equilibrium, a balance in the Plumb. In many cases, is a utopia, as when we refer to reward the nature at the same rate and as we withdraw her features that ensure our survival, costs, expenses, luxuries and superfluous.

Using inconsequential and distorted the word sustainability is employed is creating playful situations, sometimes astonishing, as for example, when we saw an advertisement saying: "sustainable" or "skin that Tan is sustainable". Or, referring to a company: "this company has a sustainable Headquarters".

The retail wholesale, the term is extensively used in communication and marketing campaigns. Finally, she joined politicians and Governments. This is the frame.

We can say that an activity is sustainable when the exploitation of natural resources required for its achievement is rewarded to the environment to the same extent. Which let's face it, is far from happening.

But, be it chavão, swear word or adjective, the Word will be saved by the importance that terminates. For many, sustainability is seen as an ideal to be pursued by mankind in ensuring decent living conditions for this generation and for the others who are on their way.