Until the communication is necessary to prevent pollution and waste

13 de October de 2016, por em Articles, Sustainability
Until the communication is necessary to prevent pollution and waste

It is curious to observe how people are going to be evolving and changing behavior. There is a growing concern with the recycling of products and reducing the volume of garbage. The gestures in that direction are many and can be found not only in domestic habits change, as well as in the work and the initiatives involving the community and even companies interested in seeking creative ways to reduce the consumption of goods and, more than that, give appropriate disposal waste arising from its activities.

The area of Communication eventually absorb much of this trend, with the agencies looking to opt for practical solutions and that cause less impact to the environment. That’s why today discussing the efficiency of advertisements that reach the consumer through fliers distributed to exhaustion in our cities. Many people feel uncomfortable receiving so many roles, sometimes fearful when approached on the street, especially when they are stops at a traffic light, which is the time when more happens. Builders and real estate companies use applicant of leafleting and arrive to spend considerable amount of resources in the production of expensive parts, refined graphics printing, which reached its objective, independent end up polluting the city.

The pamphlets, as well as the plastic bags they see suffering a bombing by those who defend a city cleaner and less polluting practices. This obliges the advertising agencies and advertising to be more creative and strategic in their campaigns.

Some ideas are being well received by advertisers anxious to pass a clean company image and concerned about sustainability issues. Many brands are replacing the plastic bags for paper bags to carry your message to consumers and avoid proselytizing, as is the case with paper bags to wrap bread, which can lead to message and the brand companies.

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Illustration: Weniskley Santana 

Dagger Paul R

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