X personal degradation environmental degradation: what comes first? -Emiliano Lôbo de Gandhi

29 de May de 2015, por em Articles, Sustainability

In my professional history always worked in the environmental area. I had the privilege of accompanying great debates and meet important characters of this area. I was able to learn a lot and teach a little.

I could see the theme of environmental degradation increasingly present in our daily lives. Deforestation, contaminated areas, air pollutants and soil and various other forms of aggression to natural resources earn increasingly featured.

It's the rare days when not faced with news that deal with environmental issues. It is impossible to imagine any activity that is not affected by environmental changes that humanity is promoting.

We work at the University with research seeking more sustainable paths. Searches that allow you to pinpoint various forms of environmental control, in addition to monitoring air quality, soil water. We draw up proposals for constructive practices more sustainable product life cycle less impactful, appropriate environmental legislation, and more. We try to fulfill our role.

However, more and more I wonder: is it possible to treat environmental degradation without first dealing with the degradation of society? We can have a balanced environment with people unbalanced?

Before talking about environmental degradation we should evaluate how our presence contributes in the quality of the environment in which we live. Are we add elements or we desegregated; We try to contribute or withdraw; We promote the harmony or conflict?

Before talking about environmental degradation must take care of the balance between body and soul; relations with people; How to take care of our history and our culture.

Are elements of irradiation and it's up to us to choose what radiate. We can choose radiate good thoughts, good words and good deeds, or we can opt for negative thoughts, offensive words and negative actions. The choice is ours!

We receive every day the opportunity to start over and make the correct choices.

We have to have clarity of our real role in society. We have to live the present as the greatest gift we can receive.

The environment begins here!

Look out seems easy … Look inside it seems impossible!

Emiliano Lôbo de Gandhi
Professor, doctor of Engineering and Environmental Health School of the Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG)