If this logo refers you to infinity, can you believe that the concept of it. The design signals that are infinite the possibilities of turning waste into raw material, and in that, this OXGUT.COM staff, is beast! Imagine a girl, Laurale Wunsch, who was born in a family of firefighters and grew up in an […]

When garbage becomes art

Wowing the world with his art and exercising the good practice of reuse, Michelle Stitzlein turns junk into amazing sculptures. The artist creates art objects from recycled materials, like colorful murals and beautiful mosaics that change the urban landscape. Michele uses painted plywood or cardboard, corrugated as a base, on which are applied plastic bottle […]

Folk art helps in the formation of environmental awareness

In recent years, re-use has been stimulated and even practiced with the topic and with the spread of socio-cultural and environmental projects involving children and young people in artistic workshops for the exchange of experiences, practical jokes, dialogues and interactions. Them has it all: from crayons and paints the selected materials from the trash to […]

Used tire WINS innovative version and full of charm

Fascinating the Centre tables, which can be also for coffee, the Italian company Tavomatico. Unique design, the touch "industrial chic," as they call it. .. Are made, with two round glass, tempered, and come in several colors. Can be ordered with built-in lighting, LED light.   Originality in body of work The furniture is robust, […]