Fashion challenge is to be sustainable to survive

This year, San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week and Community Fashion Week, events taking place in San Francisco, California, presented what’s new within the footprint of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. It is a show of creation: super wearable clothes, economically viable and also very different. Events range from ordinary people to nonprofits, such as Wardrobe For […]

The hard reality of those who lost their livelihood with the end of the dump

The closure of Jardim Gramacho’s garbage dump in 2012 meant the “exclusion of exclusion” for many families who already lived in the marginality of the system because they had to take their livelihood from a dump. The term, coined by Sebastião Carlos dos Santos, Tião Santos, president of the Association of Metropolitan Waste Collectors of […]

Consumerism: an exhausted modus operandi of capitalism

The current level of consumption is reflected directly in the environmental imbalance reached the planet: left demands and shortage of natural resources to provide them. Whereas nature is the source of raw material that gives rise to more and more products, you will need to consume less. However, many people still fail to see these […]

INTERVIEW-  The academic record, conjugated to a specific professional experience and targeted, made of Fatima Gottshalg a specialist in interpretation and intervention of scenarios involving the poorest layer of the brazilian population. Fatima Gottshalg is a social worker, Ph.d. in social sciences and master of Geography in the area of socio-spatial segregation (precarious settlements, villages […]