Blog discusses the garbage with the vision of sustainability

19 de June de 2015, por em Communication, Sustainability

The Blog of garbage is a communication channel for dialogue between the officials of the prison and a space to promote environmental awareness. It was created by a group of communication professionals, keen to see deployed a public policy to take seriously the environmentally adequate solid waste disposal and trash a source of wealth for many families of collectors of recyclable materials.

The initiative is part of a larger project called "communication for sustainability", and was released in 2012, two years after published law No. 12,305/10, which instituted the national solid waste policy (PNRS), which is held responsible for all consumers – citizens and businesses-by the target given to the trash.

The topics covered in the blog reflect a growing interest for new concepts, values and benchmarks of consumption and production. Its editorial line is anchored in the assumptions of the PNRS and articulates editorially with all content related to waste management, environmentally suitable disposal of the waste, the waste collection, reuse, recycling, reverse logistics process and the liability of loved generators.

Objectives of the blog:
-Educating for sustainability;
-Debate the role of the consumer in the trash;
-Promote awareness of consumption;
-Share information and knowledge about innovation for sustainability;
-Make room for intersectoral dialogue;
-Disseminate art and design inspired by the reuse and recycling of materials.