Garbage's blog supports Conference Ethos 360

14 de August de 2015, por em Communication, Sustainability

The Ethos 360 Conference is a unique opportunity to experience a multimedia event, innovative format in terms of communication, able to enlarge the vision about the escalation of business and sustainability in the current corporate scenario. Are expected more than 1 000 participants and 150 great leaders and experts who will take part in a dynamic programming, with six stages and advanced digital resources.

Who participates in the Conference Ethos has access to a range of relevant information about what's happening in companies, innovative experiences, challenging cases and initiatives that result in successful startups. The debates, as a whole, discuss business practices and the changes that are taking place in Brazil and in the world, especially as regards sustainable development and representation of companies in this context.

The Conference Ethos 360 will out perform on days 22 and September 23, 2015, at the Golden Hall of the WTC (United Nations Avenue, 12,551), in São Paulo. Entries are made by the site