Reflections and concepts on sustainability

26 de December de 2012, por em Communication, Sustainability

Considering that the human being is the principal agent of all initiatives, whether they are good or bad, governmental, institutional or business or individual, we need to evaluate the relationship of cause and effect and to review attitudes, having an integral vision of the problems and opportunities. The understanding is getting lighter, as we seek to understand other concepts, such as the following:

What is sustainable development
The most widely accepted definition is that it comes from development able to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

Conditions for sustainability
Sustainability is a systemic concept that integrates economic, social and environmental aspects. The challenge contained in this concept is to keep these three axes in constant balance. Sustainability covers several levels of organization, from the local neighborhood to the entire planet.

How to achieve sustainable development
Through planning and recognition that natural resources are finite. This is a new way to promote economic development, taking into account the environment and the need to reduce the use of raw materials and products and increasing reuse and recycling.

Why not repeat the conventional development model
Economic development is vital to the poorest countries, but the way forward cannot be the same adopted by developed countries. If poor countries copiassem the patterns of production and consumption in the rich countries, the consumption of fossil fuels would be multiplied by 10 and the mineral resources would increase 200 times.

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