City prepares for big operation of trash collection

12 de February de 2015, por em Consumption, Trash

The City Hall of Rio de Janeiro has prepared a mega operation to collect the waste produced during the Carnival. The city, famous for parades of samba schools, and is the most sought after by tourists from Brazil and in the world at that time.

More than 1,000 street cleaners are deployed in this daily task. Almost five thousand containers will be employed in the operation of separate collection. Recycle bins are scattered across the edge, on the beach and on the streets.

The city's program, called Zero Waste, received reinforcements with the participation of 235 teams that will access through which the Carnival blocks, before the start of the revelry and dispersion. After the departure of the revelers will be made of waste removal by garis, with the use of blowers and washing of runways with reuse water and deodorant.

Garbage is in the Recycle Bin-the city of Rio has been developing actions aiming to educate citizens about the responsibility we all have in relation to the garbage and its implications. In August 2013, particular attention was given to the subject, when the publication of municipal law 3,273 implementing fines for those who throw garbage on the streets.

The Comlurb, responsible for urban cleaning company, provides that the operation triggered Carnival will positively impact the entire city, but knows that the success of the scheme will depend, in large part, the awareness of the population to give correct disposal garbage himself. The measures to be taken in the street carnival operation 2015 can be seen here.