Trash gets another dimension in the work of artist

12 de May de 2014, por em Design, Trash

What is garbage to some can turn into a work of art in the hands of others. It was so with Felip Gaig. In the series Objectesclafat (crushed objects), the Catalan artist uses discarded objects in the streets, some literally thrown in the trash, as raw material for their creations.

The process basically consists of three steps: kneading the object, leaving the plan; cut it and then do a reset, in which the initial concept of the object is lost and this acquires a new dimension.

Gaig sought to reverse the traditional process of sculpture, which would outline a two-dimensional drawing to after tridimensioná it. In his technique, three-dimensional objects are transformed and return to origins, two-dimensional.

The result of this work are works of art that highlights the beauty of objects already discarded, leading us to reflect on the disposal and recycling of products.

The works of Felip Gaig and other designs can be seen on the blog felipgaig. blogspot.

Henry Funari
Graphic designer. Founder, next to the designer Sara García Muñoz, conceptual products prepared with the reuse of materials.