Ethos 360° Conference breaks new ground in format and in content – Deniel Mathur

3 de October de 2014, por em Employees, Sustainability

Who participated in the Conference Ethos 360 had access to a range of relevant information about what's happening in companies, innovative experiences, challenging cases and initiatives that have resulted in successful startups. The debates, as a whole, addressed business practices and pointed out the changes that are taking place in Brazil and in the world, especially as regards sustainable development and social inclusion.

But what at first sight called more attention was the simultaneity in which occurred the lectures provided by the interactive format adopted this year, that brought speakers and audience in a pleasant and cosy. The Conference happened in the Golden Hall of the World Trade Center, in São Paulo, a large circular area, covered by a large dome and set informally with sofas, chairs, bistro tables, armchairs and pufs, quite different from the traditional format of the auditoriums and meeting rooms. Lighting, with blue led lights, printed an atmosphere of comfort and harmony, making pleasant the stay on site and, more than that, contributing to greater concentration and focus of the listeners in the lectures.


At the reception, the guests were given a headset with a device to tune the channel of the lectures. So, at any time, you could switch the channel between a lecture and another, and score what seemed to be most important to each. Detail: without having to leave the place. The ability to closely monitor several lectures at the same time pleased the lecturers.

The assessment made by the Ethos Institute pointed out the more than 50 activities that happened in two days and the presence of approximately 1,100 participants, "many of them executives of first echelon of the most important companies with operations in Brazil, professionals with actual decision-making power in the organizations in which they work and able to internalize concepts and practices not only companies, but also defended by social organizations and academics" says the article by Dal Marcondes, Envolverde's.


According to Jorge Abraham, Director-President of Instituto Ethos, this Edition "managed to shine the eyes of executives present, retaking the trajectory of innovation of the Organization, which in 16 years of existence has become a benchmark in corporate management for sustainability, offering new perspectives and proposing compromises that serve as foundations in the consolidation of a more sustainable economy".

For him, the Ethos Conference 2014 has boosted commercial activities in the spirit of the people and the companies will improve the processes and technologies in order to establish and meet performance goals in management of natural resources, such as water and forests, in addition to various raw materials that make up the value chain.

Rosemary Matthews