"Reusing the Wasted" – project disseminates culture and citizenship – Christiano Verano

19 de September de 2014, por em Employees, Trash

The village of São Jorge (Alto Paraíso de Goiás) is a small village of about 500 inhabitants, nailed to the Chapada dos Veadeiros, cerradão Brutus in the Northeast. In addition to the natural heritage and priceless, typical of all Brazilian chapadas, the region is home to a rather peculiar human occupation history, full of cultural riches. Since the indigenous traditions, through the wisdom of the quilombola calungas, the farming and harvesting of the caboclos, till the times of mining crystals, when there was some economic prosperity in the region.

This historical process, associated with a territory of such natural wealth, helped build the new socio-economic base of that town: tourism. It is in this context that takes place annually the Date of traditional cultures of the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Wonderful event, which brings together dozens of folkloric and artistic groups, artisans, craft masters, figures of all kinds, bringing cultural contributions. Happen presentations, concerts, workshops, parades, dancing wheels and other initiatives of popular culture.

The trash under new look

At the time of the event, the amount of visitors is 15 to 20 times greater than the number of inhabitants of the village. More people, more consumption. More consumption, more trash! In a village like that of Saint George, the impact of the waste is extraordinary. Imagine any city, for two weeks, producing 15 to 20 times more waste than in normal days. It has everything to become a chaos.

It was with this reasoning and understanding, that the Master, a gifted craftsman, Goiânia, came up with the idea to hold workshops of art with recycled materials. The intent is to cause people to reflect on the consumption, of which the garbage, and about the sustainability of the planet. To this end, he invited the Master Dantas, a comrade, as talented as he is; and the Harsh Master, also "do it", which transforms in beautiful everything it touches. Them joined the Group trash Mouth, composed of young artists, motivated to use the trash to make art, and the Myth socio-cultural Projects, a small company with vocation to work popular culture linked to environmental issues. Together, they created the project Reusing the Chapada, whose first edition took place between July and August 2014, in the village of St. George, during the meeting of traditional cultures of the Chapada dos Veadeiros.

The participation took place through 25 workshops divided into following groups: models of cardboard toys, PET bottles, sustainable music (with instruments built from garbage), recycling glass, paper, plastic and scrap, and costumes and props made with these materials. About 400 people, of 34 cities, 9 Brazilian States and 4 countries, participated in the activities.

What was salvaged:

-75 cartons and tetra pak
-50 glass bottles,
-120 aluminum cans,
-250-bottles, gallons and various plastic containers,
-30 plastic bags,
-various objects, such as: fan propeller, stove plate, Coconut husk, among others removed from the trash.

What was produced:

-60 decorative arrangements
-50 flowers
59 House
3 brooms
148 toys
14 costumes and props
40 musical instruments

The amount of waste reused may seem small compared with the volume of waste produced at the event, but the most important part of this initiative is that it brings together diverse people, distinct cultures and ages to a common reflection of that you need to create a new awareness about the consumption of reuse, recycling and finally balance of the planet itself, which may be unsustainable in the face of growing depletion of natural resources. The workshops creating the proper environment for a playful reflection about the problem, and make it through artistic and cultural expressions of our land.

Christiano Verano
Cultural producer