In Ceará, garbage is exchanged for discount on electric bill

15 de July de 2014, por em Good practices

Consumers and businesses can change locals waste that they generate for deals on electric bill. The initiative is of Coelce, distributor of electricity in the State. Since 2007, when the project was deployed, to the present day, the company collected more than 16 thousand tons of waste. In addition to environmentally appropriate disposal in the trash, the measure encourages consumers to take responsibility for the generation of waste, according to the national solid waste policy (PNRS). In all, were granted about 2 million of dollars in bonuses on the energy bill, being a large part of the benefit of the low-income population.

The project has 425 thousand registered users. Any customer, person or entity, can participate in the program. After the registration, you need to separate the recyclable waste by type of material (paper, glass, metal and plastic), take them to an Ecoelce collection, along with the electricity bill, and hold the switch for the bonus, which is credited automatically on the customer's Bill. Then, a tool of the program measures the amount of CO2 (a greenhouse gas) which ceased to be issued with that initiative.

The goal is to organize a program of selective collection of solid waste with market value, culminating with a network of relationships between individuals and organizations that are part of the production chain. On the other hand, the measure aims to promote a cultural shift in attitude and way of life of the population, so that this be aware about the responsibility to be shared by all citizens on the issue.

For its results, the Ecoelce received national and international recognition as one of the 25 best Brazilian innovations of the last decade and one of the most important projects with regard to its alignment with the principles of the Global Compact, being among the 20 most important in the world. Learn more by accessing