"Cleaning the cabinets" of Faber-Castell will have its third edition in 2015

6 de March de 2015, por em Consumption, Good practices, Trash

Students and schools around the Brazil have until May 29, 2015 to make registration in the campaign "Housecleaning in closets". The initiative, of Faber-Castell, rewards people who collect more school supplies without conditions, in turn forwarded to recycling and the end converted into benefits for schools and philanthropic institutions.

The "Cleaning the cabinets" is in its third edition. The idea is to mobilize people in cleaning their cases, cabinets, drawers and classrooms, joining as many items as color pencil, graphite pencil, pencils, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers for whiteboard and highlight texts or unable to use, regardless of the brand.

The material collected is sent to TerraCycle, a company responsible for the recycling process, credit of points relating to grants and awards to those who collect more.

The campaign is an action in line with the Brigade of writing instruments of Faber-Castell, continuing program of collection and recycling of materials, signed in September 2012 with TerraCycle. The items collected are processed and transformed into raw material, reintroduced in the production chain, creating new products, such as bins, dustpans and others.

How to get involved-students, parents, teachers and others interested in participating should join the materials and bring them to their schools at the beginning of the school year. The school needs to register in the Brigade of Faber-Castell writing instruments, TerraCycle's website.

Who register can form a team with other people gathering at home, at school, or with a group of friends. All the written material received in the registration period, of 2 February to May 29, 2015, worth points, converted to cash. Will be rewarded ten times to collect more material.

In 2014, the engagement of students with the collection was expressive. More than 65 thousand written items were recycled, according to organizers.