Behavior change on the trash

13 de May de 2014, por em Good practices, Videos

Recycle St. George from Earth and peace on Vimeo.

Environmental education has key role in changing the attitude of consumers, informing and inspiring the company to rethink its stance on the production and waste disposal. Responsibility for waste generated shall be required since the choice of which will consume until the correct disposal of waste. Initiatives for better waste management are growing in major centers and also in small rural villages, as shown in the video Recycle St. George, produced by Earth and peace project. The video recounts the experience of a local entrepreneur who took on the challenge of designing a private network for the collection and disposal of garbage in the St. George district, in Alto Paraíso de Goiás. Known ecotourism destination, with about 500 inhabitants and structure of bars, restaurants and lodges, the St George district embraced the initiative, reinforcing the idea that environmental education and shared responsibility are ways to build a society that values for positive and cooperative conduct.