Reuse of cooking oil benefits community

8 de January de 2016, por em Good practices, Sustainability
Reuse of cooking oil benefits community

In Crixás, Northern region of Goiás, an experiment with the environmentally appropriate disposal used cooking oil has joined a company, mineradora Serra Grande, and the local community, in a project of comprehensive results.

The company needed to put an end to the cooking oil used in its internal restaurant, while some residents of the city had interest in collecting this type of oil to make SOAP. Based on this established itself the affinity partnership that later took the project body, having the company’s support for the creation of a SOAP factory.

The initiative has generated employment and income for most people in the community. The Group of women that was ahead of business began to develop an awareness with the residents and just that much of the population was involved in the campaign, becoming donor oil used for the factory. The manufacturing processes have been improved, allowing the expansion of a diverse line of products based on the SOAP.

The initiative ended up resulting in an example of creative and solidary economy and how it is possible to reuse waste harmful to the environment, such as cooking oil.

Power of contamination

It is still common for people dumping used cooking oil in the sink, for not knowing how to dispose of it, but, mainly, by not being aware of the damage that such an attitude may cause to the environment, by extension, to the general public. When you enter the sewer, the oil may compromise the entire system of the network pipes. Composed of substances insoluble in water and in contact with other wastes, oil will form consistent fat boards, responsible for clogging.

Can also contaminate the water table, and if it is dumped in rivers, causing the death of living beings which are essential to the rivers. Discard the used cooking oil properly is, ultimately, a matter of environmental safety. The oil must be stored in PET bottle and forwarded to the voluntary surrender, created for this purpose.