Sustainable products are fashionable

3 de March de 2017, por em Design, Good practices
Sustainable products are fashionable

Increasingly, you will need to consume less. If nature is the source of raw material that gives rise to the products, a product may have a life so short and wind up in trashed as if there was no value. You need to get the most out of all the materials used in its manufacture. Reduce, reuse and recycle now are watchwords in a world where not a tree should be felled. 

 The impacts to the environment for the production of consumer goods are directly related to how these are conceived, planned and developed. The higher the dependency of a product in relation to natural resources, the greater your monetary, environmental and social cost. Opposed to the predominant culture of the disposal, a new model, less aggressive to the environment begins gaining strength worldwide, developing sustainable products.

Doing more with less – products designed ecologically less impactful criteria are related to a global concept, called ecofriendly. The words, in English, means friendly to the environment and is used to refer to products and services developed in a sustainable way. In this sense, everything is analyzed from the perspective of sustainability, so that the product, in whole and in part, since the design is developed with a view to requiring the least amount of natural resources for its production. 

The concept goes beyond the ecologically correct and terminates a humanistic postulate, in which social inclusion is an integral part of the pillars of sustainability. The ecofriendly advocates the adoption of new production models and summarizes a tendency, a movement that advances to the extent that society acquires greater environmental awareness. 

Low cost x benefit high-A large number of companies are picking up this trend and turning the challenge of sustainability in a business opportunity, taking advantage of a differentiated cost x benefit: low cost and great benefit. 

Products that reveal this new trend are in the window of Gaia sustainable products, launched the Blog. Are utilitarian pieces and even idealized works of art from the perspective of sustainable development. With creativity and goodwill, which was discard turns into new product. Amazing things, made with discarded materials that fulfilled their life cycle for consumers and returning with new utility.


On Gaia, you find:

  1. Recycled products under a brand new look and design;
  2. Recycled, that if transformed into raw material for new products;
  3. With ecofriendly, environment-friendly;
  4. Developed in learning workshops that promote social inclusion through professionalization to work.