The Dung is cool

14 de June de 2013, por em Good practices, Trash

According to the booklet "the Dung is cool", launched by the Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil has about 600 thousand collectors of recyclable materials. Their work contributes to be 98% of recycled aluminum cans, 56% of plastic, 48% of the 47% of glass and paper.

The pickers are professionals who sail cat, select and sell recyclable materials taken from the trash. Activity is regulated and went on to appear in the Brazilian classification of occupations (CBOS), in October 2002, by Ordinance 397, the Ministry of labor and employment.

The booklet provides information for putting the rights of collectors of recyclable materials, as has the national solid waste policy (PNRS). Shows still associative forms and of cooperatives to be created by collectors seeking the implementation of their rights.

"The Dung is cool"