Volunteers strengthen social entrepreneurship

28 de October de 2014, por em Good practices, Sustainability

The engagement in voluntary actions is a valuable contribution to the improvement of life of communities. People who adopt this practice do so because they feel rewarded by the opportunity to donate time, knowledge and efforts to the collective and the common good.

It is in this context that companies and individuals are investing in voluntary programs that promote the culture of entrepreneurship by encouraging social skills for the creation and development of business projects, both in the business environment as social. Social entrepreneurship seeks to promote the autonomy and individual responsibility of citizens so that they can take an active role in the communities where they live, acting as agents of social change.

Example of good practice for the strengthening of social entrepreneurship is the Community Leadership program, conducted by Junior Achievement, which provides the students of 2nd year high school students from public and private schools, the experience of creation and operation of a community organization. The program is developed in 12 rounds per week, each lasting after 3:00, carried out within the schools. Students analyze the situation of the local community, detect an aspect to be improved, are a community organization, develop a community service project and practice leadership attitudes, concept worked alongside other, as third sector and social projects.

Junior Achievement activities develop through various educational programmes formulated and applied in the Middle, with the participation of partner schools and volunteers willing to share their experiences and knowledge with students of different age groups. In Brazil, have already been 3 million students and 100 thousand volunteers involved. The volunteers are the main link between the schools, students and businesses and use their expertise to implement educational programmes. Each year, globally, about 10 million young people participating in the programmes of the Organization, helping to consolidate an entrepreneurial culture around the world, under an ethical and responsible perspective.

The corporate volunteering is a growing movement among companies, being able to organize actions in benefit of the community or of a demand in particular. Stay in a corporate volunteer program is an opportunity for personal and professional development, as well as helping society to find effective solutions to their problems. Worth knowing and connect to volunteer programs available in your area.