Rule of etiquette that leads to waste fell out of fashion

The world has changed and, with it, many rules of etiquette were up. The label, as we all know, summarizes a set of rules establishing a standard of conduct, with a view to facilitating the social conviviality or at least universalizá it. However, the changes brought by these new times, show that many rules no […]

Behind the product, past glories

17 de November de 2016, por em Design, Employees

If this logo refers you to infinity, can you believe that the concept of it. The design signals that are infinite the possibilities of turning waste into raw material, and in that, this OXGUT.COM staff, is beast! Imagine a girl, Laurale Wunsch, who was born in a family of firefighters and grew up in an […]

Vegetable broth, the hint to not waste anything in the kitchen

The people were so cool in the pursuit of healthy eating, abundant in nutrients and free of pesticides. These ingredients dictate good table modern times took it upon themselves to add one more: the no food waste. Thus, new habits are being incorporated into the daily life of the people and forming around feeding the […]

It is common to hear the term "garbage is wealth". Every day, this statement is confirmed more and more. Today, we know that much of what is thrown away, be salvaged, processed or recycled. Even the leftovers are fine, as they can be processed and become compost. To better understand how things happen around the […]