Route project of recycling-Tetra Pak

The site of the Recycling Route is an action of the Tetra Pak company in favor of recycling, and shows how the people can participate in the process of separation and long life packaging for recycling. Reports still where are located the pickers cooperatives, companies that work with purchase of recyclable materials and voluntary delivery points (ENP) that receive the Tetra Pak packaging.

The site invites people to participate in the process, indicating the initiatives and solid waste collection stations that are not listed on a map of the route of recycling. On the website of the recycling Route three icons on the maps of recyclable material. Are the PEVs (Voluntary delivery points), also known as Lev, cooperatives and commercial establishments. All these locations are given Tetra Pak packaging and are the gateway of the recycling chain.

ENP (drop-off Point)

Are the locals who receive long life packaging (among other material) to be sent for recycling. Is the first step of the process, where the domestic material (little) is usually delivered. Most cities already has those posts where people can directly deposit material that separated home.


Social initiatives that work with the collection and sorting of recyclable materials (including long life packaging) for processing and sending to recyclers. Most of the material collected comes from the work of scavengers cooperated or of selective collection of municipalities.


Businesses that buy long-life material (and other materials) for processing and sending to recyclers. They get the material, usually in large quantities, especially cooperatives. After the phase of collecting, packaging long-life already baled, are sent to recycling companies, who will take charge of separating the elements that make up the packaging and turn them into raw material for a range of applications.