Theatre company teaches about what is recycling

28 de April de 2016, por em Sustainability, Trash

Currently, several groups and theatrical companies work with the issues related to garbage and the unfolding of its productive chain. This is the case of Recycling with art, drama, Thespis Cia Itajaí, Santa Catarina, seen by approximately 22 1000 children, among them, students from the public school network that joined the project. On stage, the actors explain about what is recycling, what it changes people's lives and the community and the responsibility of each on his own trash.

The stage has been shown to be a good place for learning about the trash. In the theater, the message is reaching the public, which is face to face with the actors, experiencing together characters that express about how things happen in reality. The topics discussed will in the direction of awareness on consumption, the resulting waste of this consumption and the ways to make the circular trash in the production chain, using the reuse and recycling.

The project includes the presentation of the show "paper" (character created by Max Reinert), workshops and workshops for students and teachers of the municipal teaching network of Itajaí. The project started in April 2015 and has passed for 31 schools, with 62 and 58 presentations workshops on recycling, in addition to 11 training workshops for 270 teachers. The Recycling with Art was one of the five projects covered in Santa Catarina in public selection, Petrobras program socio-environmental Communities.

In Itajaí, the project is in the last stage, whose schedule ends in May. In all, will be 82 presentations for the community of students and teachers. The event will be finalized with the release of the documentary "A camera in hand and role in Head", produced by a team formed by actor Mary Lou Gonçalves and the audiovisual producers Priscilla Paese do Amaral and Tamara Reinert.

The documentary wants to show how culture and information have to contribute to the debate on environmental issues. "We have interest in continuing with this type of discussion through art, mostly because this is one of the aspects of work of Thespis Cia de Teatro throughout its history of 22 years", says project coordinator, Denise.


Recycling Art show has already been seen by 22 1000 students of child and fundamental teachings

Recycling Art show has already been seen by 22 1000 students of child and fundamental teachings