Abralatas promotes cycle of debates with stakeholders

30 de August de 2013, por em Sustainability, Trash

Fourth Edition Abralatas Debates cycle begins for Belo Horizonte, on 04 September, with the goal of broadening the participation of researchers and academic students in touch with collectors and cooperatives with the beverage and packaging sector, seeking innovative and ingenious solutions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and extend opportunities for collectors of recyclable materials.

The meetings of this second semester will be held in the cities of Belo Horizonte-MG, Curitiba-PR and Fortaleza. The aim of this edition of the event to Abralatas is to stimulate studies, research and proposals developed in Brazilian universities, to improve working conditions in the cooperatives of collectors of recyclable materials and increase the productivity of workers. Will also be discussed the social impacts of the PNRS (national solid waste policy).