It is possible to undertake with sustainability

2 de March de 2018, por em Good practices, Sustainability
It is possible to undertake with sustainability

Every day, we are all responsible for some negative impact caused to the environment, whether in the act of bathing or moving in a vehicle automotive. With companies it is no different. As the goal of organizations is profit, to achieve this goal, products are often programmed to have an optimum life. For this, some characteristics are modified, which, consequently, can result in harmful impacts to the environment.

Undertaking, in any type and size of business, implies giving attention and concern with every aspect related to the exploitation of natural resources, at all stages of production. It is necessary to adapt the activities of the company to the concept of sustainable development, in order to achieve a social license to undertake. It is the society that legitimizes the work of the company as being important for the offer of services and products. However, the lack of concern about sustainable actions can lead to irreversible damage to the institutional image.

The organization’s effort to avoid pollution and negative impacts on the environment should be evident. So whether it is concern about the image or the exorbitant fines that an environmental disaster can generate, smart companies should be concerned to keep environmental management in full regulatory compliance.

Environmental management

One way organizations structure environmentally-oriented activities is in line with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Having a recognized environmental management system in the world involves a number of advantages to the market, society and the internal public of the organization.

The certification for the Environmental Management System (EMS) of a company is ISO 14001, which covers the following points: environmental management system, environmental audits, environmental labeling, environmental communication, life cycle analysis, environmental performance, aspects environmental and terminology. The application of the SGA generates innumerable advantages for the company, as the increase of the profitability, reduction in the expenditures with energy and waste, besides the reduction of the demanded costs with the discard of products.

The SGA also allows a growth in the international competitiveness of the organization, since many companies require certification as a form of contract in some standards, among them ISO 14001. Another advantage of the application of environmental management systems is to avoid situations such as environmental disasters arising from errors in production methods. In addition to the damage caused to the institutional image, many of these companies have to close the doors for the costly expenses demanded by such events.

ISO 2014 - É possível empreender com sustentabilidade

Preventive measure

Having the environmental seal does not only mean being an environmentally correct company, but avoiding unnecessary losses and fines for aggression to the environment. It is important to emphasize that the success of the standard is not only in the achievement of certification, but in the continuous fulfillment of each of the requirements established by ISO 14001.

Faced with worldwide awareness of ecosystem preservation in recent years, there is a need for a major transformation process in companies. Far more than a matter of momentary reputation, assuming a culture of environmental responsibility is becoming a survival condition for businesses.

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Guilherme Arruda is CEO of VG Residuos and director of the Verde Ghaia Online Consulting.