PEC Goals plan awaits Congressional approval

26 de March de 2015, por em Sustainability

The proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 52/2011 makes mandatory the adoption of the plan of goals by the President of the Republic, Governors and mayors, to elaborate it in accordance with its campaign promises, in addition to providing accounts to the public about its fulfillment. The measure comes in the direction of transparency of public management and of its efficiency.

By adopting a plan of goals, public managers have in hands modern instruments of planning and management. Through him, will be able to establish clear commitments and objective forms of evaluation, in addition to strengthen the dialogue with society.

If passed, this law will join the other mark of citizenship, as the laws of Administrative Misconduct (1992), the Fiscal responsibility (2000), transparency (2009), the clean slate (2010) and access to public information (2011).

Lawmakers say is in favour – members of Our Network Sao Paulo, represented by their coordinators, Oded Grajew, Maurice Broinizi and Romulo George gathered 3/11/2015 day with leaders of political parties, most of whom he says he is in favour of the adoption of the PEC 52/2011.

Oded Grajew stressed the importance of approving the PEC later this year, because in September the United Nations (UN) should define the objectives of sustainable development (ODS). "The approval of the plan of the Goals highlighted Brazil in the international scenario, considering that the measure includes the Brazilian Constitution committed to setting targets for sustainable development".

Planned management is efficient management – about 40 cities have approved the requirement of submission of the Plan targets by the Executive Council. The pioneer in the country was São Paulo, which approved the proposal in 2008.

Then came other cities and in some of them, the results are surprising. In Betim-MG, the City Council passed the law targets in 2011 and the plan left the role, with the support of NGOs and local associations that collaborate to strengthen dialogue between Government and society.

The day December 12, 2014, the local prefecture made the first public hearing to present to the public accountability of the plan. The public hearing was a historic moment for the city, as it consolidated the effective participation of civil society in public administration.

Andréa Henriques, Executive Secretary of the movement Our unique institution of Betim, measure, said that after this time, it's time to move forward and further qualify the plan targets, improving fundamental points for a transparent and effective management, reflecting the priorities of the municipality.

Among the points approved by it are the establishment of a regular system of accountability by the city, the monitoring and follow-up of the goals by the citizens, the definition and structuring goals and the dialogue of the secretariats involved in the same goal.