Postpone the implementation of the Brazilian solid waste Policy is solution?

10 de July de 2015, por em Sustainability, Trash

In approving project extending deployment of the Brazilian solid waste Policy (PNRS), Brazilian Parliament gives more time to the municipalities to close their landfills and create their solid waste management plans.

The municipalities had four years to adapt to legal obligations and according to the Ministry of cities, the federal Government has made available $ 1.2 billion at the time for municipalities and States to promote actions for disposal of solid waste, including drawing up plans and investments. However, less than 50% of these resources were executed, because of default situations of municipalities or operational difficulties.

Society reacts – in this sense, manifested the Federation for trade in goods, services and tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP), through its sustainability Council, who do not see the extension of the deadline for a solution, and argues that the ideal would be to establish, by means of a Conduct adjustment Term (TAC), a schedule of actions to the municipalities in order to eradicate the dumps.

Additionally, the Council evaluates as worrying that cities and States have not yet plans of solid waste and sanitation, which are the foundations for sustainability of public administration.

Families do their part – While the municipalities delay in its obligations on waste management, the Brazilian families gradually advancing the awareness of its role in the context of shared responsibility. That's what shows the result of the last poll by Blog, in which 70% of participants declared to make the separation of household waste.

The issue put indicates that an increasing number of people are concerned with environmentally suitable disposal of the garbage it produces. More than the Government, the civil society demonstrates interest and engagement in situations that require a national mobilization effort for the common good. That's how, in 2001, when the Government urged everyone to reduce energy consumption in homes.

With the garbage, is no different. What is observed between families, is a growing willingness to give a destination best suited to solid waste, mainly those that are possible to be recycled, such as aluminum cans and pet bottles.

What garbage Blog want to know now, by launching its new poll, is whether the public agree to give more time to the Government to ultimately put the National solid waste Policy in practice.