Scavengers suffer with leniency of the Government

19 de August de 2013, por em Sustainability, Trash

Public hearing held 12 day of August in the city of Goiânia deals with the lack of structure of cooperatives of collectors of recyclable materials to act properly in jail. In the audience was raised the issue of bureaucracy imposed by the Government, especially the organs connected to the city of Goiânia, for the construction and operation of warehouses for the selective collection, whose resources would be provided by the federal Government.

Joseph Matthew, a member of the National Commission of collectors of recyclable materials, spoke of the difficulties to deploy workspaces to deselect areas and get an environmental license to build the sheds. He asked for the support of the population, mainly the city of Goiânia and public prosecutor of Goias, in order to ensure that the solid wastes are destined for some co-op. Also asked municipal law to curb the deployment of waste incineration in the Capital. Joseph Matthew reported the difficulties that they face in their daily lives the pickers and said that there is no social inclusion project for collectors who are on the street.

For the Councillor Dr. Cristina Lopes (PSDB), who proposed the public hearing, the discussion on the priority theme and suggests that there is a clear agenda with definitions and concrete actions on the part of the municipal executive. The Councilwoman vowed to introduce Bill to include the participation of two representatives of cooperatives of collectors of recyclable materials and two Councillors on the selective collection of Goiânia.

Photo: Office of the Deputy Mayor Dr. Cristina Lopes.