The recycling scenario

23 de May de 2013, por em Sustainability, Trash

Second report of the European Environment Agency, the European countries ' recycling rate is 35%. Good solid waste management in the European Union already pays 1% of GDP. At the tip of the pencil, it is a market which employs 2 million people and yield 145 billion euros per year.

Until 2020, the goal is to recycle 50% of urban waste. Five countries have already arrived there: Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The political will and the civil participation have given a new value.

Examples that should inspire the Brazil, which recycles just 13% of their municipal waste and prepares to deploy the new measures of the Brazilian solid waste Policy (PNRS). One of the important actions in this sense is the project of the Ethos Institute which coordinates a working group (WG) of solid waste, with the aim of dialogue and assess with all sectors challenges involving the production and the responsible disposal based on PNRS. Established by law No. 12,305 of 2010, this sets the deadline of year of 2014 for the total extinction of the dumps in Brazil and its replacement by the recycling and landfills.