Tips for a more sustainable everyday

3 de September de 2013, por em Sustainability, Trash

When thrown in the toilet or in the drain, some products pollute rivers, lakes and seas and contaminate the environment and animals. Also leave more difficult to get the water that we use ourselves. The dental floss, for example, can cause clogging. Check out the following 14 things that should not be thrown in the toilet or down the drain, and how you can make the correct disposal of these products.

-Swab and thong
-Medicine and condom
-Cooking oil
-Cigarette butt
-Dust sweeping from home
-Hair and animals
-Ink other than water based
-Kerosene, gasoline, solvents, paint thinner

Throw these products in the trash. Some of them, such as cooking oil, medicines, paint and solvents, can be taken to special collection points, which shall make appropriate disposal. To learn more, see the Label Manual produced by the sustainable planet, with the goal of helping to incorporate sustainability into daily life