Zero Waste Week is coming, and with more people participating

17 de October de 2017, por em Sustainability, Trash
Zero Waste Week is coming, and with more people participating

Eight capitals have confirmed that they will participate in the Zero Waste Week 2017, from 20 to 29 October. They are: Goiânia, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Florianópolis, Curitiba and Porto Alegre. The program is in charge of Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil.

The event is coordinated nationally by the Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil, connected to the Zero Waste International Alliance, in the United States, social organizations that have created a communication platform to mobilize people around the world around zero goal trash according to which there is no trash to be thrown away, but waste that can be reduced, reused and recycled.

The idea is to disseminate information and knowledge about the possibilities of transformation that garbage offers. An example is composting, simple and easy to apply in domestic environments, including small apartments, with results that benefit families and the environment.


In this year’s edition, there was a growing number of participants and interested in giving courses, lectures and workshops on educational activities related to waste management, conscious consumption and vision of shared responsibility for the production and environmentally appropriate disposal of waste.


In Goiânia (GO), the initiative is from the Sociedade Residuos Zero (SRZ), a movement integrated by civil society, linked to NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) and Oscips (Organization of Civil Society of Public Interest). with waste management.

Self catering apartments

The entrepreneur Antônio Afonso Bolognani, from Eco Cerrado Ambiental in Goiânia, has been coordinating the event for more than one edition and told of people’s growing interest in participating and supporting initiatives such as the Zero Waste Week. “There are a lot of people hugging this flag and wanting to volunteer; the participation of the companies has doubled in relation to the last event and until our calendar has double of activities “.

In Goiânia, the event will be open on 20, 8, at the Secovi Goiás (Union of Condominiums and Real Estate), with three cycles of dialogues, being: 1) solid urban waste; 2) composting; 3) new solid waste management technologies. Day 23 will be launched three hashtags on the week, with the objective of creating greater engagement in social networks. They are: # 240residuozero, # slz2017 and #srz. Throughout the week there will be educational film screening at schools and composting workshops in public places. The closing, on the 29th, will have an “ecological pedal”, leaving from the Areião Park towards Macambira Park.

Zero junk concept

The central idea is to make the most of waste, to properly recycle and organic waste, or to squeeze it out, while looking at the prospect of reducing landfill and incineration materials.

According to the concept established by ZWIA (Zero Waste International Alliance), zero waste is an ethical, economic, efficient and visionary goal to guide people to change their lifestyles and practices, in order to encourage the natural, sustainable cycles in which the materials are designed to allow for its recovery and post-consumer use.

Source: Instituto Lixo Zero Brasil.

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