Alley of Batman in full, before the blackout

The news that a resident who lent his wall to compose one of the most beautiful graphite murals in São Paulo, Batman Alley in Vila Madalena, decided to promote a blackout in part of the work was received with sadness and indignation by those who value The art of graphite. The mural, in the open, […]

When garbage becomes art

Wowing the world with his art and exercising the good practice of reuse, Michelle Stitzlein turns junk into amazing sculptures. The artist creates art objects from recycled materials, like colorful murals and beautiful mosaics that change the urban landscape. Michele uses painted plywood or cardboard, corrugated as a base, on which are applied plastic bottle […]

What is garbage to some can turn into a work of art in the hands of others. It was so with Felip Gaig. In the series Objectesclafat (crushed objects), the Catalan artist uses discarded objects in the streets, some literally thrown in the trash, as raw material for their creations. The process basically consists of […]