In my professional history always worked in the environmental area. I had the privilege of accompanying great debates and meet important characters of this area. I was able to learn a lot and teach a little. I could see the theme of environmental degradation increasingly present in our daily lives. Deforestation, contaminated areas, air pollutants […]

Are open until August 10 entries to the 5th Swiss Prize, promoted by the Federation of trade in goods, services and tourism of the State of São Paulo in Brazil. The goal of the action is to stimulate the practice of sustainability through projects that add value to new business models, services and products. The […]

The village of São Jorge (Alto Paraíso de Goiás) is a small village of about 500 inhabitants, nailed to the Chapada dos Veadeiros, cerradão Brutus in the Northeast. In addition to the natural heritage and priceless, typical of all Brazilian chapadas, the region is home to a rather peculiar human occupation history, full of cultural […]