Disgust of garbage excludes us from a sustainable reality

There are many fears that haunt us when we think of garbage: unpleasant odors, proliferation of vectors of diseases, such as rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and pigeons, all gravitating around a mountain of accumulated things that no longer serve us. Most people are very disgusted when they come across vegetables and animals in the process of […]

Composting reduces the garbage and return gain for nature

The most innovative aspect of the Brazilian solid waste Policy is the understanding that the responsibility for the trash should be shared, that is, all have a duty to fulfill in environmentally suitable disposal of the waste it produces. On the other hand, there is an ongoing process of awareness of the population, that we […]

In recent years, the solid waste disposal in the environment is being rethought in order to encourage the process of composting of organic waste. Composting is the transformation of materials, like leftover food, pruning of trees and plants in a nutrient-Rico: humus. It is a viable alternative for enterprises that wish to take advantage of […]