Because it is urgent to talk about environmental education

In a world where much is said about respecting the environment, but doing so much less than necessary, it is clear that the preservation of the environment and natural resources depends on the creation of an ecological consciousness, still under construction in the collective. As in other behavioral aspects of society, the best tool for […]

Conscientious consumption: where to start

Would be unlikely to find anyone opposed to the preservation of the environment. In General, all agree on the need to use more rationally the natural resources, generate less trash and pollute less air and water. Everyone wants a clean and healthy planet. But, if that is the will of all, or at least the […]

Consumerism: an exhausted modus operandi of capitalism

The current level of consumption is reflected directly in the environmental imbalance reached the planet: left demands and shortage of natural resources to provide them. Whereas nature is the source of raw material that gives rise to more and more products, you will need to consume less. However, many people still fail to see these […]

With the questions you know the Brazilian solid waste Policy (PNRS)? the Blog of the trash closes another poll, carried out with the participation of its readers and Internet users. The result – 59% said yes and 41% said no – demonstrates that there are still many people unaware of the inherent obligations to citizens […]