Because it is urgent to talk about environmental education

In a world where much is said about respecting the environment, but doing so much less than necessary, it is clear that the preservation of the environment and natural resources depends on the creation of an ecological consciousness, still under construction in the collective. As in other behavioral aspects of society, the best tool for […]

Waste School Project presents results of 6 months of work

Launched in May this year by the Zero Waste Society (SRZero) and the Society for Integration and Community Action (Oscip Vida Melhor), the Zero Waste School Project (PERZ) selected ten public schools in Goiânia to receive guidance on sustainable practices in environmental education and management waste. Educators have also been trained in organic composting and […]

Crafts with reuse

Visit the Hall of the meeting is to see how a social initiative can positively impact a region, drawing inspiration from the lives of the people and promoting a work of art education. Established as a private-law association, non-profit, the space is considered a tourist attraction in the city of Betim-MG, benefiting approximately 1800 low-income […]

Children targeted in the practice of citizenship

Always deposited the children hope for a better world. If the adults are still resistant to learning new things and change their behavior for the common good, the children, are generally receptive to the teachings that reflect ethical and moral values capable of giving meaning to a more harmonious coexistence. On the basis of these […]