It is possible to undertake with sustainability

Every day, we are all responsible for some negative impact caused to the environment, whether in the act of bathing or moving in a vehicle automotive. With companies it is no different. As the goal of organizations is profit, to achieve this goal, products are often programmed to have an optimum life. For this, some […]

The last decades of the 20th century brought to light several concerns about the future of humanity and of the planet Earth, putting in doubt a lot of truths then candied, among them increasing development to unlimited economic growth. It was believed that the imposition of limits to growth would be an obstacle to opportunities […]

We are responsible for the products we buy from the moment that we take in hands until the final destination that we give them. In Brazil, this is already law, and reaches businesses and ordinary people. The growth of the world population, added to the growing consumer demand, is generating an outsized garbage on the […]