Reuse of cooking oil benefits community

In Crixás, Northern region of Goiás, an experiment with the environmentally appropriate disposal used cooking oil has joined a company, mineradora Serra Grande, and the local community, in a project of comprehensive results. The company needed to put an end to the cooking oil used in its internal restaurant, while some residents of the city […]

It is still common for people dumping used cooking oil in the sink, for not knowing how to dispose of it, but, mainly, by not being aware of the damage that such an attitude may cause to the environment, by extension, to the general public. The risk of compromising the oil pipeline system of the […]

Used cooking oil is commonly thrown in the sewer network, creating the risk of contaminating the water table and even compromise the plumbing and piping system. However, if thrown correctly, the oil can be used for the production of SOAP, detergent, glycerin, paint and even fuel. Despite being biodegradable, oil is composed of water-insoluble substances […]