Chapada dos Veadeiros resists after the biggest fire in its history

Devastated in October last year by the largest fire in its history, the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park in Goiás is recovering. The conservation unit had 66,000 hectares devastated by fire, which corresponds to more than 26% of its total area. Adding to the other two previous fires in the same month, that number rises […]

Conscientious consumption: where to start

Would be unlikely to find anyone opposed to the preservation of the environment. In General, all agree on the need to use more rationally the natural resources, generate less trash and pollute less air and water. Everyone wants a clean and healthy planet. But, if that is the will of all, or at least the […]

The last ten years came with a flurry of demands for the productive sector and with the change of paradigms in business policies and in their own way of doing business. And that's not just in Brazil. From 1 hour to the next, the world is realizing the scarcity of natural resources and the impossibility […]

Since the investiture for sustainable economic development, aligned with human rights guidelines, leveraged at the beginning of the Decade of 70, with the Stockholm Declaration on the human environment, there is a strong awareness of that man, being creature and creator of the environment, must relate to the nature of responsible and balanced way. However, […]