The celebrations around the world environment day, 5 June, raised the debate over the environmental problems arising from the impacts of human activity on Earth. The Blog of Garbage to people interviewed answer the 2 questions: "what we have to celebrate" and "what we have to regret" in relation to the environment.   Ronaldo Dorta […]

The 8th International festival "Walk of life", held from 26 and June 28, in the Cultural circuit liberty square in Belo Horizonte (MG), provided a moment for reflection on the individual and collective values that permeate society of the 21st century. The Team Blog Garbage accompanied everything closely. The event, entirely focused on promotion of […]

The story, set in the year 2805, shows the land devastated by garbage and humans found was change to a spaceship. The hero, Wall-e, is a friendly little robot garbage picker, who lives in a ruined city and maintains an affective relationship with some objects it finds, and that report details the time that humans […]

The picture that illustrates this post depicts with the idea of "sustainability". The picture was produced for the campaign Bradesco-Bank of Planet. Click here to see photos of the entire campaign. Under the conceptual point of view, "sustainability" means a condition, a State of equilibrium. The idea is easy to be understood, when related to […]