Waste management in the field advances with shared responsibility

In contrast to the alarming title of the world’s largest consumer of agrochemicals, Brazil also has the merit of the country that best provides environmentally appropriate destination for packaging from agricultural activities. From the application of reverse logistics programs in the field, it maintains an average of 94% recycling of the containers used in these […]

In approving project extending deployment of the Brazilian solid waste Policy (PNRS), Brazilian Parliament gives more time to the municipalities to close their landfills and create their solid waste management plans. The municipalities had four years to adapt to legal obligations and according to the Ministry of cities, the federal Government has made available $ […]

The Blog of garbage is a communication channel for dialogue between the officials of the prison and a space to promote environmental awareness. It was created by a group of communication professionals, keen to see deployed a public policy to take seriously the environmentally adequate solid waste disposal and trash a source of wealth for […]

With the questions you know the Brazilian solid waste Policy (PNRS)? the Blog of the trash closes another poll, carried out with the participation of its readers and Internet users. The result – 59% said yes and 41% said no – demonstrates that there are still many people unaware of the inherent obligations to citizens […]