Sustainable products are fashionable

Increasingly, you will need to consume less. If nature is the source of raw material that gives rise to the products, a product may have a life so short and wind up in trashed as if there was no value. You need to get the most out of all the materials used in its manufacture. […]

If this logo refers you to infinity, can you believe that the concept of it. The design signals that are infinite the possibilities of turning waste into raw material, and in that, this OXGUT.COM staff, is beast! Imagine a girl, Laurale Wunsch, who was born in a family of firefighters and grew up in an […]

Amazing how people begin to realize that it is possible! Yes, I'm talking about products that are environmentally friendly and are sustainable. Products designed with the vision of respect for nature bring, in addition to the reuse of materials in your labels, the transformation of these materials with creativity, design and technological innovation. It's a […]