10 steps to deploy the selective collection in the condominium

When it comes to garbage and selective collection, today you see everything. There are condos that are already advanced in this matter. Where awareness is greater, there are colorful trash cans, with the identification of the type of garbage that should be played in each, warnings informing everybody about the collection system in the building […]

Dengue fever and selective collection

If it was us, the Aedes Aegypti, popularly known as dengue mosquito, have a profile like this: does not discriminate anyone. Choose one social class. Enters the luxury condos without armed guards. Doesn’t make deals in the dark age even to sunlight.  Do not choose their victims. Prefer safe homes to reproduce with sombra e […]

In Brazil and in the world, the work of collectors of recyclable materials and the role that represent in the trash are being valued. An initiative that comes from changing the reality of these workers is the Pimp My Cart (Turbine my wagon, in Portuguese), designed by artist and graffiti artist Thiago mundane, which competes […]

Mundane rises to the stage of the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) to talk about the Pimp My Wagon, project that gives visibility to collectors, who take to the streets with garbage collection carts reformed and stylized by artists, that turn into walking works of art, integrated and at the same time distinct urban scenario. The […]