There's nobody that runs like them, bouncing as they. Experts in the individual and team athletics, the pickers of recyclable materials and the display layout, and street cleaners will do the best. Without their participation, we can say that it would be impossible to hold any event, especially those that bring together multitudes. First to […]

INTERVIEW-  The academic record, conjugated to a specific professional experience and targeted, made of Fatima Gottshalg a specialist in interpretation and intervention of scenarios involving the poorest layer of the brazilian population. Fatima Gottshalg is a social worker, Ph.d. in social sciences and master of Geography in the area of socio-spatial segregation (precarious settlements, villages […]

Partnership in waste management benefits of ecotourism regions

Initiatives for better waste management are growing in major centers and also in municipalities and rural districts, where the society is organized to meet the challenges and take appropriate disposal the waste it generates. The productive chain of the garbage needs to be designed for partners who promote environmental education, environmental conservation, social and economic […]

Dengue fever and selective collection

If it was us, the Aedes Aegypti, popularly known as dengue mosquito, have a profile like this: does not discriminate anyone. Choose one social class. Enters the luxury condos without armed guards. Doesn’t make deals in the dark age even to sunlight.  Do not choose their victims. Prefer safe homes to reproduce with sombra e […]