Composting, the time is now!

The most innovative aspect of the Brazilian solid waste Policy is the understanding that the responsibility for the trash should be shared, that is, all have a duty to fulfill in environmentally suitable disposal of the waste it produces. On the other hand, there is an ongoing process of awareness of the population, that we […]

"Cleaning the closets" invites

The campaign "Cleaning the closets" rewards people who collect school supplies without conditions of use, which are forwarded to recycling and eventually translated into benefits for the community itself. The initiative, of Faber-Castell and TerraCycle, is the Fourth Edition and aims to mobilize the participants so gather as many as possible of the following items: […]

Partnership in waste management benefits of ecotourism regions

Initiatives for better waste management are growing in major centers and also in municipalities and rural districts, where the society is organized to meet the challenges and take appropriate disposal the waste it generates. The productive chain of the garbage needs to be designed for partners who promote environmental education, environmental conservation, social and economic […]

Recycle St. George from Earth and peace on Vimeo. Environmental education has key role in changing the attitude of consumers, informing and inspiring the company to rethink its stance on the production and waste disposal. Responsibility for waste generated shall be required since the choice of which will consume until the correct disposal of waste. Initiatives […]